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Components of Vape Mods

There are many different components inside vape mods and you can actually swap them out and use different components to achieve a high level of customisation according to your requirements and personal preferences. However, you need to understand the different components that come in a vape mod and the different functions they play to get a better understanding of how to customise them.

You can change your vaping experience by changing up certain components. You can start with something basin in the beginning and slowly start to experiment once you get the hang of vaping. You can explore what you like and how to achieve the results you are looking for. Vape mods are used by people who want to build their own vape from the beginning. You will usually have built-in atomisers with these vape mods but they can be removed and replaced.

The atomiser is one of the essential components of the vape as this is the heat resistant piece converting liquid to vapour. Sometimes this unit will be built into the tank and others will have the atomiser as a separate component. Generally, sub-ohm tanks that have coils below 0.5 ohms are more popular as they produce the large clouds of vapour that e-cigarettes are famous for. This gives a great effect and you will be able to play with this to create unique clouds.

Vape mod coils are part of the atomiser. The coil will power up and start to heat once you press the vape button and this will slowly vaporise the e-liquid. While you may not need to replace coils as frequently as the tank, you will still need to replace them occasionally. The e-liquid has a big impact on your vaping experience as this is what converts into vapour. This is poured into the tank. A big reason that vaping became so popular is the variety of flavour options you get with e-liquids.

There are tobacco flavours that are useful for those kicking the smoking habit and then there are also flavours like menthol or fruit. The wicking material is what draws the e-liquid into the coil. Once this is done, the liquid will heat up to become vapour. The wicks are made of a variety of materials such as ceramic, cotton, wool, mesh etc. With time, you can learn how to wick the coil properly and this will make a big difference in ensuring your vape hits perfectly.

The e-liquid is stored in the tank. This is referred to as the cartridge in disposable devices. This will be the first thing you have to replace. The tank has a big impact on the vaping experience. The vape mod is powered by the battery. Generally, lithium ion batteries are preferred as you can recharge them and they will also last for a long time. But there are many options for batteries available on the market. You need to select a battery that provides sufficient power to the device without taking up a lot of room in it or making the device very heavy. You also need to practice safety when handling the battery.

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