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Guide to Common Vehicle Engine Issues

The engine is an essential component of the vehicle but there are certain issues that can come up with time. By having a good idea of how to identify these issues, you will be able to act promptly and prevent having to carry out costly repairs and replacements.

A common issue with

The engine is overheating which can be caused by leaks in coolant, having faulty radiator, malfunctioning of the thermostat or water pump. There will be a warning light on the dashboard informing you of the rising temperature. And you will be able to see smoke or steam coming from the engine compartment. The cause for overheating should be identified immediately. Sometimes you may need to repair a leak or replace a malfunctioning thermostat. You may also need to flush and refill the coolant.

If you notice white smoke coming from the exhaust, overheating and loss of coolant without apparent leaks, this can be due to a cylinder head gasket failure. This can be because of warped cylinder heads, overheating or having faulty material for the gasket. Sometimes this can be caused by contamination in oil or coolant. The gasket will have to be replaced but you will need to find a solution to the root of the problem which may be overheating issues, engine block etc.

It is important to track

The fuel efficiency of the vehicle as this will give you an indication if there is an issue. If there is a drop in fuel efficiency, this can be from a variety of reasons such as not having the right tyre pressure, oxygen sensor not functioning properly or the spark plugs wearing out. You will find yourself refuelling the vehicle more frequently and see a loss in acceleration. Sometimes your check engine light will turn on.

To maintain proper fuel efficiency, you need to carry out routine replacement for air filters, fuel filters and spark plugs. You can check the manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer to understand proper tyre inflation. And if you see the check engine light turning on, it is best to see the vehicle inspected by an experienced mechanic.

If you can hear engine knocking, this can be because the engine components are worn out

Maybe low quality fuel is used or there can be carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. You will be able to hear these pinging or knocking sounds when you are accelerating or when the engine is under load. This is one of the reasons to use high-quality fuel. You cannot compromise quality for cost especially when it comes to performance components of the vehicle. The engine components can be inspected for wear and tear so that they can be replaced if needed. Sometimes you may need to replace the connecting rod bearings or piston rings. If there are issues with the ignition coils, spark plugs or fuel injectors, it can result in engine misfiring. In this situation, you will feel vibrations when you are driving and notice a reduction in engine power.

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