What to Know About Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is a type of drilling technique where cylindrical holes are drilled into concrete structures. You can drill into ceilings, walls and floors so that you can insert new conduits, different systems, plumbing pipes and ducting for HVAC systems.

There are certain safety precautions to take depending on where you are doing the drilling. For example, if you are drilling in an environment where you need to keep the noise level very low like a hospital or school, you need to let the concrete cutting company know beforehand. There will anyway be some noise and vibration that will be generated by concrete cutting. You can read the concrete cutter Melbourne blog   to get an idea of what to expect when you hire a concrete drilling company. There are also different types of drilling. Hammer drilling is another option you can consider. But this will generate more noise and vibrations compared to core drilling. There are special tools that are used for concrete drilling. There are modern tools and methods that have replaced traditional drilling techniques.


Concrete drilling was done by hammering and this comes with a lot of risk factors. Hammering can cause small bits of broken concrete to projectile all around the site and this can hit the workers leading to injuries. There is also a lot of stress exerted on traditional machinery which can lead to the equipment breaking down more frequently. And this can be costly to repair or replace. But nowadays, diamond core drilling has become the main method for this process. It has made concrete core drilling more efficient and accurate. You will be able to complete the drilling quickly compared to traditional methods. And damage is minimized with this technique. The surrounding area has a higher level of protection. The diamond drill bit will rotate slowly all the while being lubricated by cooling liquids or water. This is what prevents the bit from overheating. And it will exert gentle and constant pressure on the concrete. This reduced the amount of dust generated by the procedure.

There will be very little mess generated by diamond core drilling.

Previously, when traditional methods were more prevalent, there was a higher risk of damaging structures in the surrounding area. Cracks in surrounding structures were a real possibility. And the beauty of this method is that it is highly versatile so you can carry out drilling in a variety of environments. You can even achieve very small drill holes that can be as little as 10mm with diamond core drilling given its precision. There are many occasions where core drilling is needed. This is something that is generally used in construction where you can make space for new electrical cables, conduits and plumbing. You can also add more reinforcement to the concrete structure by way of starter bars and hold down bolts if you are extending the building. This is a common procedure that is done in commercial fit-outs where you need to make changes to the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. You can easily route cables by carrying out concrete core drilling.

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