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Safety Features for Children’s Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a favourite when it comes to children and this is also a great way of saving some space when you have cramped bedrooms. This will give a sense of adventure to your children’s bedroom and they will have more open floor area to play.


There are some obvious safety risks of using a bunk bed as the child on the top bunk can fall over. But there are many safety features that are used to prevent this from happening. And you can look for such features when shopping for a kids bunk bed. You will notice that bunk beds come with guard rails to prevent children from falling out of the top bed. But just having a guardrail is not enough. You need to check whether it is at least 5 inches higher than the top of the mattress. You should have an idea of the mattress height when shopping for a bunk bed. And if the mattress is too high, you may need to look for guardrails that are a little higher. The guardrails should be attached to the bed securely without any large gaps that can allow a child to slip through.


Even with all the security features that are available, you need to consider whether your child is capable of sleeping in a bunk bed. Sometimes they can be too young or they may play rough which will not be very safe when on top of the bunk bed. Bunk beds are not recommended if your child is under the age of six. They will not be able to judge security risks and there is a higher chance of accidents happening.

Check the sturdiness of the ladder that reaches the top bunk. The ladder should be attached securely to the bed frame. And it is best if there are non-slip treads to prevent slipping. If you can’t find this feature in a bunk bed, you can look into non slip materials that can be applied onto the tread to give better grip. Children can get their heads stuck through the bars of the bunk bed if the spacing is too wide. You need to select a bed where they are spaced lower than 3.5 inches so that these accidents can’t happen.

The quality of materials that make up the bunk bed will contribute to its safety as well

Solid wood or metal beds are sturdy and can stand a beating. But beds made of cheap materials or particleboard should be avoided as these will not be very strong. Look at how the bed is constructed and how the materials are joined together. The screws and bolts should be tightened securely. Ask the supplier whether there is a weight limit to the bottom and top bunks. This will ensure it can bear the weight of your child safely. And it will also add to your peace of mind if the bed comes with a certification sticker that indicates it meets safety standards set by authorised organisations.

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