Common Concrete Repairs at Home

Concrete is a commonly used building material and it is very durable which has led to this being used in so many different construction projects. But there are certain changes that concrete can go through over time such as cracks. There are companies that offer concrete repair services which can be very useful when you need to determine whether the issue you are dealing with affects the structural integrity of the building.

Cracks are the most common issue you will see with concrete

And there are many reasons to why this can come to be. Sometimes this can be due to settling, changes in temperature or water damage. You don’t need to worry about some cracks as these are only cosmetic. These are the small cracks. But a larger crack can compromise the structural integrity of the building. You can contact Melbourne renovation builders to get more information on this. They will visit your home to examine the cracks and come up with several solutions. If the crack is small, it can be cleaned with a wire brush or a pressure washer. If you see any loose debris stuck in the crack, this can be removed and once the area is clean, a concrete patching compound can be applied. Concrete repair caulk can be used for larger cracks and this should be given some time to cure.

Another issue that can come up is spalling.

This is when the surface of the concrete flakes or chips away. This occurs when there is water damage or when it is exposed to free-thaw cycles. The concrete mix used for the construction also matters. If the wrong mix is used, it can also lead to flaking of the surface. If spalling is seen in a small area, you can remove the loose concrete with a chisel and hammer. Once you clean the area, a concrete resurfacer can be used to restore the area. But in larger areas, the damaged section may need to be removed so that new concrete can be poured. It is best to consult a professional when there is extensive damage.

Concrete pitting is when there are small holes on the surface

And this happens when air bubbles get trapped in the material during concrete pouring. In some cases, this can be due to weathering. But if you see this in a new building, the process of pouring has not been done properly. You can use a patching compound for minor pitting and smooth the surface. But if this is seen in a larger area, the entire concrete surface can be resurfaced. If the concrete surface is uneven, this can be a hazard as many people can trip over this. Also, this will bring down the aesthetic appeal of the space. Minor unevenness can be removed by using a concrete grinder. It is important that protective gear is worn during this process as there can be small concrete pieces spraying. But in areas where the unevenness is severe, a self-levelling compound can be used.

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